Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔) p1

I’ll try page 1 of Zero no Tsukaima today.  Here is a link to the page.

I’ll post a line of X’s and O’s for understood sentences vs. not understood.  X means understood.

XOOXXOXXOOOXOOOOOO (18 sentences for page 1)

Now let’s go over the ones I didn’t understand.


I still don’t understand this sentence.

I didn’t know 抜ける and I still don’t.  I found 通り抜ける at Tatoeba which seems to mean to go through.  I didn’t find the meaning for 抜ける alone.

才人 talented person

まじまじと staringly, fixedly

覗き込む look into, peer into



プリーツスカート pleated skirt

かがめる to stoop, to bend

呆れる to be amazed, to be shocked



桃色 pink

かった I think it is 刈る to cut hair but not sure.

透き通る to be transparent

肌 skin

舞台 stage, theater

くりくり big and round

鳶色 reddish brown



人形 doll



ハーフ someone of mixed race



制服 uniform



どうやら seems like, somehow or other

仰向け face up

地面 ground, earth’s surface

寝転ぶ to lie down, to throw oneself down

らしい seeming



辺り vicinity

見回す to look around, to survey



物珍しい curious



豊か abundant, wealth, plentiful, rich, affluent

草原 grass-covered plain, grassland

広がる to spread out, to extend



石造り made of stone



まるで (adv) (uk) quite; entirely; completely; at all; as if; as though; so to speak; just like; (P)


One Response to “Zero no Tsukaima (ゼロの使い魔) p1”

  1. pm215 Says:

    “I didn’t know 抜ける and I still don’t.”

    It’s a real verb, you can find it in EDICT. There’s also a 抜く whose potential form is 抜ける. Anyway, the J-J dictionary Daijisen has 抜けるような as a specific sense (sense 9):
    so this particular sentence is a bit of a special case usage. The definition there basically says 抜けるような means “continuing unbroken forever, being transparent”.

    If you do a google image search for “抜けるような青空” you should get the right idea 🙂

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